Booking & Pricing Features

Alloggio provides you and your customers with every element & feature required for a streamlined and user friendly room booking experience.

Reservation Form

Place the clean & straightforward reservation forms on your pages and let users book rooms with ease.

Extra Services

When users pick an extra service a room offers, they will be able to see how it affects room price on the fly.


Seasonal Pricing

Display time frames and prices for your special seasonal room offers during various promotional periods.



Create all the amenities your business has and feature them next to the corresponding rooms & apartments.


Availability Calendar

Allow visitors to easily check room availability by featuring them in a practical availability calendar layout.


Weather Widget

Integrate a weather widget anywhere on your pages so visitors have a neat local weather overview at all times.


Google Map

Feature your location by pinning it on an easily customizable Google Map layout styled to your liking.


User Accounts

Allow users to create their personalized accounts on your website. Feature login & registration pop-ups.


User Dashboard

Your visitors will always have an overview of all the reserved rooms by accessing their personalized dashboards.

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